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Corporate Headquarters

In today’s generation everyone is expected to do more with less, multi-task, and finish on-time and under budget. Tel Tech services are solution centric, providing our customers with the confidence that the work being done is: focused, with forward thinking, done with absolute quality, and priced right. We want companies who employ us to know they have selected a professional organization who have nothing but their success in mind.

Our Mission

To provide services which are cost effective and concerned with the Broader Applications of business. Cost effectiveness is defined, not just as the price of materials and the cost of labor, it is also the quality with which the services are performed, job site safety and project foresight. Being Broader in Application, entails we consider a client’s long term goals in conjunction with the immediate needs and desires for the project.

Our Guiding Principles

In fulfilling our Vision and Mission we strive to deliver the following:

  • “Best in-class” services.
  • Proactive responsiveness to those we serve.
  • Superior and honest working relationships with each client’s team.
  • Recognizing the value of every employee and providing them opportunities to excel.
  • A continual renewal and reinvention of our value proposition, mindful of how we can improve each service experience.
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