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Video and Security Services

Video and Security Services

Security technologies are changing to meet the demands of today’s society. They are no longer stand-alone systems. Like legacy analog telephone systems; surveillance and access control systems are improving in function and scope. By converting to a digital signal format using Internet Protocol (IP), security networks have now become part of the client enterprise network. The challenge then becomes defining the critical elements unique to each business entity and market segment. Installing and supporting integrated client networks is what Tel Tech does best.

A secure environment is paramount to individuals and businesses in today’s world. Clients, visitors and employees expect to be safe. Businesses are expected to take appropriate measures to ensure a high degree of personal protection and to secure the safety of their corporate assets and intellectual properties. Integrated surveillance, access control and ID technologies are the primary tools in delivering these higher levels of safety and security to the public and private sectors of society.

As business owners, the management of Tel Tech Networks understands and employs an integrated technology approach to ensure the personal protection of their employees, their property and to secure sensitive company information that is critical to business operations.

Tel Tech has the expertise and understanding to design and implement video surveillance and access control technology based on specific client needs. These solutions are “open system” based, allowing products a smoother fit into the client’s network architecture. Each network segment is tested and proven.

The Tel Tech approach ensures a migration path for emerging video, control and communications technologies.

Tel Tech Security & Access Control Services include: v

  • Site Assessment
  • Network Design & Documentation
  • Hardware Staging and Burn-in
  • Associated Cabling
  • Installation and Testing
  • Solution Training
  • System Maintenance
  • Request Information